Slave chambers

slave chambersThe current slave chambers are situated at exactly the locations where the original slaves used to be kept inside the two rooms, inside the huts dug half way deep. Although the current chambers are being modified for preservation twenty years after the market closed down, they are on exactly the same spot and are of the same diameters to the original two rooms.

The general conditions inside these chambers were very poor, no sanitation, no toilet, no clean water many of the slaves died during this waiting period. To be cleaned the chambers had wait for  high tide from the sea to wash away all the filth. Tired from being in the caravan for many months slaves situation was unbearable to think of, many of whom died of hunger and luck of nutrition.

The chambers used to hold between eighty slaves per chamber women, men and children for unknown duration of time till when the slaves had been bought by their new master.

The building on the top of the slave chambers was the hospital, known by locals as ‘’kimoto hospital’’ later after the  bloody revolution of 12th January 1964 the building was re-used by the Zanzibar government as hospital staff rooms. Presently the building is now a Hostel and restaurant managed by the Anglican Church Diocese of Zanzibar.